Crock-Pot® Lift & Serve – CHP450

RRP $79.95
  • Hinged lid for no mess 1 handed serving
  • Serves up to 6 people
  • Wrap around element for even cooking
  • Oven safe crock for reheating
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean up
  • Includes 4 week recipe plan
  • The hinged lid means serving is easy plus it helps keep your bench-top clean.

  • Large 5.7L capacity can feed up to 6 people. Prep your ingredients, set the timer, forget and come home to a family dinner.

  • Each Crock-Pot comes with a 100% delicious meal plan, so you have 20 dinners sorted – that’s 4 weeks worth of weeknight meals.

  • Oven safe crock makes it easy to add the finishing touch to dishes under the grill to browning or melting ingredients.


Serving Size5-6 people
Working Capacity (L)5.7L
Sear in bowlNo
CrockGlazed Ceramic
Crock ShapeOval
Wrap Around ElementYes
Dishwasher Safe Crock & lid
Oven Safe  Crock
Glass LidYes
Heat SettingsLow, High, Keep Warm
Adjust time No
Keep WarmManual
Adjust timeNo
4 Week Meal PlanIncluded
Dimensions38 x 27 x 38cm
Net Weight6.5kg
Cord Length90cm
Safety FeaturesLead-free glaze on ceramic pot
Warranty12 Month Replacement
Betta Home Living
Bing Lee
Harvey Norman
JB Hi-Fi

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I found that the Crock Pot works well [as I would expect - HOWEVER there is a glaringly obvious fault The control switch - as I have now found out - going clockwise - is Off, Low, High and then Warm. There is really nothing to indicate this on the unit - you have a symbol with 2 "flames" then the next is 3 "flames" then more flames in a box. When it is explained you can work out the symbols - however there is no mention of this in the written instructions [which I read] I put a pot roast on today at 11.30 and planned 3 hours on high and 3 hours on low. We had to go out after lunch and were delayed returning home until 3.30. The Crock pot wasn't bubbling and I thought - maybe too little liquid, so boiled the kettle and added more liquid. An hour later and no change Rang Support to be told that I had been cooking the roast all day on "Warm" - and that it had happened to many customers I would ask why there hasn't been some addition to the operating instructions - given the confusion which appears to have happened a lot - surely it would be in the best interest of all customere For us - we had a big problem with a raw pot roast in the Crock Pot and and not enough time before bed to cook it properly - I intend to cook it on high until bedtime and then turn it off and get up later and put it into the fridge for tomorrow - it won't be as tender as it should have been As well as that we had to arrange for alternative meals for our family - who were all home for the meal -a rare occurrence. Two went out for tea, we had one pizza bought and two others had a hastily thawed fish and veg What a pity when with a little thought the operating instructions could have been amended and stop this type of dilemma happening in the first place

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